Monday, October 8, 2007

See you soon!

Good Morning Students!!!!

Today is Monday October 8. I am very happy because I will see you today.

Please look at these photos. They are from Lamu. Lamu is a small Muslim island. It is in the east of Kenya. What do you see?

See you soon!
-Teacher Jen


Anonymous said...

you see the shopping.
you see the donkey.
you see the house and tree.
you see the ocean and higher.
you see the moutain and forest.
you see the ocean and boat.

Anonymous said...

Teacher How are you?
All students are waiting for you to know about the weather of Kenya and new information . We saw many different picture in the internet.
We saw the boat, donkey ,ocean, house and some people.
Thank you
see you today bye by
Ehgay and Kei Ki.

Anonymous said...

we forgot our names.
Baw Tuesday
lee her.

Anonymous said...

Dear teacher Jen
we saw the many things
we saw the donkey and boat and ocean
See you later
Than win and than tin.

Anonymous said...

Hello Teacher jen. I see hut and odl boat. I see a man in a store. He sells candy and water and prigles. I see a place to sit under green branches.
see you soon. Good by see you later.
kasone saengdara.
Neng thao

Anonymous said...

HOW ARE YOU to day teacher.
we are student very happy teacher
return to Minneapolis and st.paul
yesterday to day teacher coming
to Arlington Hills school.
see you later.
yeng lor and moua vang.

Libba said...

People should read this.