Friday, September 28, 2007

More photos

Hi Students,

Thanks again for your letters! Thanks for answering my questions. Now I will answer your questions.

I like Kenya. It is not hot now in Nairobi because it's spring here.

I like Kibera because the people are very nice, but Kibera is difficult. Kibera has 1 million people. Saint Paul has 250,000 people. So Kibera has four times as many people as Saint Paul, and very few toilets.

I like beards but only short beards.

In Kenya I eat vegetables and chicken. I didn't eat beef. Yesterday I saw goat but I didn't eat the goat. If Osman were here, he would enjoy eating the goat.

I took photos of Kibera. You can see them below. What do you see?

Thanks again for your letters. Please write again!

-Teacher Jen

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pictures from Kibera

Hello Students!

I was so happy to get your letters today - thank you so much! Eghay you are right, I haven't forgotten you. I miss you all.

You can see some photos of the weekend teaching in Kenya.

1. What do you see?
2. Who do you see?

The Kenya students talked about feelings and needs.

3. Do you think all people have the same needs? What needs do people have?

-Teacher Jen

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Hello Students,

Today is Tuesday September 25. I am in downtown Nairobi. Internet is slow today so I can't show you photos. I hope to show you photos tomorrow.

I was in Kibera two days. I was with 50 students. There were 4 Kenyan teachers and 3 American teachers.

The Kenyan students answered two questions. Can you answer them too?

1. Think of a story from your life when you felt happy or peaceful. What happened?

2. Think of a story in your life when you felt angry or unhappy. What happened?

Thanks everyone! I miss you.

-Teacher Jen

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nairobi and Kibera

Hi Students!
How are you? I hope everything is good.
I am in the airport in Amsterdam.
Here you see some pictures of Nairobi.
Kibera is inside Nairobi. About 3 million people live in Nairobi. Of those 3 million, about 1 million people live in Kibera.
1. What do you see in these pictures?
2. How many of the Nairobi people live in Kibera?
a) All
b) 1/2
c) 1/3
d) 1/4
3. Look at downtown Nairobi. Look at Kibera. What is different?

Monday, September 17, 2007


Hello Students!
On Wednesday, September 19, I will fly to Kenya. I will fly to the capitol city, Nairobi.
On Sunday, October 7, I will fly back to Minneapolis. I will see you at school on Monday October 8.
I would like to write to you while I'm in Kenya. I hope you will write to me too. We can write to each other here on this website.
In Nairobi, some people have money. Many people don't have money. Some people who don't have money live in Kibera.
Kibera is not a refugee camp. People don't move there because of war. They move there because they don't have money.
You can see 4 photos of Kibera.
1. What do you see in the photos?
2. What problems do you think people have in Kibera?
3. What problems did you have in the refugee camp?
4. What was good in the refugee camp?